It's Time

Today we stand at a pivotal point in mental healthcare. Suicide rates are on the rise, mental health professionals are overworked and underpaid, and traditional solutions have run headfirst into the same walls over and over. And despite the constant stream of news that tells us we are more divided than ever, our capacity for tremendous selflessness persists. 

We remain firm in our belief that we are stronger together, that we don't turn our backs to those in need, and that everyone has the capacity to save a life. From that idea, Suportal was born.


Power in life

At Suportal, we want to flip mental health on its head by helping people use their struggles as tools to help others. No longer will people be expected to overcome the unpredictability of life on their own, instead they will have access to the vast expanse of human experience. We represent a growing community of individuals that not only persevered, but conquered. 

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It works


WhAt We do

We are here to help you! Our devoted team will work to help match you with local nonprofits and organizations that provide free, high-quality,  and personalized support. 

Right now, we work with organizations in the New England area, helping users navigate the intricate and often confusing process of finding someone to talk to.


Where We're Going

Our hope is to radically change the way people go about getting help, whether they need one-time advice on a specific issue, or need longer term support. We are working to build a network of partner organizations and impassioned volunteers that are committed to helping others.


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