Our collection of 1000 Journeys is underway

We aim to capture the experiences of 1,000 people who have faced and continue to face challenges in regards to mental health, whether you are an individual who faces these challenges directly, or a friend or family member supporting a loved one going through them. By collecting and sharing excerpts from people's journeys, we will facilitate open dialogue around mental health and develop products and services that increase access and quality of care. 


The Interview Process

As an interviewee participant, you will have a casual and open-ended conversation about your mental health journey with one of our trained interviewers in-person, via video chat, or on the phone. With your permission, interviews will be audio recorded and all interviews will typically last between 30-60 minutes.

We understand the very personal nature of these interviews. If at any point during the interview you feel uncomfortable answering any of the questions, simply ask the interviewer to move on to the next one. And if you ever want to end the interview, we will do so immediately, no questions asked.

After the interview, your recording will be transcribed (if applicable) to help Affect Mental Health develop useful mental health products. Additionally, with your permission, we will develop visual and/or verbal representations of your interview to share on our online blog.

Interested? Click the link below or email us with any further questions/concerns.


             Meet Malik


            Meet Jessica



Our 1,000 Journeys team is comprised of people whom advocate for innovation and access within and throughout the mental health sphere. Ranging from interdisciplinary artists, to data scientists and software engineers, the diversity of interests and skill sets our team represents will determine our altitude.