Our Mission

To accelerate the innovations needed to provide every single person in the world with high quality mental healthcare.


About Us

At Affect, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problems in mental healthcare. We don’t wait for the “next big thing”; we are out chasing it, building it, and improving it. Affect provides a safe space for entrepreneurs to build innovative products, find co-founders, and utilize student interns to fill their talent gaps. We introduce entrepreneurs and students to the mental healthcare landscape and give contacts to the mental health community for specific and relevant feedback on products and ideas. 


We believe there are three different approaches to solving mental healthcare problems: addressing the public health crisis, talent gap of people working on these problems, or gaps in mental health research.  


Our Team

A word or two from our amazing and passionate student interns:

“I personally did not know much about the subject of mental health before joining Affect, and my experience here really opened my eyes to the daily struggles that people with mental illness have to grapple with. I am grateful for the opportunity to interview several people and learn first-hand about their stories with mental health.” - recent college graduate, Marketing & Data Analytics team

My plan was to become a clinical psychologist, but working at Affect has opened up an entire new avenue of ways to help and better mental healthcare. I'm still figuring out what to do, but Affect has broadened my horizons considerably.” - undergraduate (junior), UX Design team

“To say that I have learned a lot is an understatement. I have been in leadership positions in school clubs & sports teams, but even those experiences do not measure up to the caliber of leadership necessary for my role with Affect.” -undergraduate (senior), Operations & Leadership team

There are currently so many mental health startups and individuals with great ideas but that are working in isolation. By connecting these entrepreneurs to people like psychiatrists, data scientists, and individuals with lived experiences of mental illness, I believe Affect can fill talent gaps and provide support for promising solutions to challenges in mental healthcare.” -undergraduate (junior), Operations team