Some companies we've incubated

Here at Affect, we believe that mental health is one of the most important issues of our time. That is why we are committed to creating and supporting companies that are ready to transform global mental health. Below are some past and present companies that we have incubated.


Suportal is a solutions based platform designed to push peer support to the front lines of mental healthcare. By implementing public health and user data analysis to identify the best existing organizations, Suportal aims to unite the best of the best in a fight against isolation.

Memoir Health

Memoir Health provides transformative, compassionate care for individuals facing behavioral health challenges with integrated peer support services. 

1000 Journeys

By interviewing over 1,000 patients, loved ones, and healthcare providers, the 1,000 Journeys Project seeks to map out the problem space and seed products that solve the biggest challenges in mental healthcare.  

Sunrise Health

Sunrise Health uses text group therapy integrated with artificial Intelligence, to provide accessible, on-demand, and stigma-free support for users, while also increasing efficiency and analytics for providers and organizations.