Get your life back. Secure a job. 

Taking time to focus on your mental health should be a basic human right. We help you get back on your feet and support you through your reintegration into society. 

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Join a community where your peers have experienced similar struggles and learn from those who have overcome them. Our team of mental illness survivors helps you discover what you want out of life and make a plan to achieve your goals. We help you apply to scholarships so you have the financial support you need.  


spread the word. Share with loved ones who could benefit! 

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Start an internship.

Curious about how  Facebook and Google grew to 1B+ users? We embrace the same startup tools to build transformative products in mental health. When you’re ready to work again, join a team where your co-workers have their own mental health journeys. Learn modern skills such as product management, user experience design, data science and public health analysis.



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Secure a job!

After you’ve explored modern workflows and discovered your new superpowers, we help you apply to jobs with full benefits and salary. Don’t settle for less, our program helps you secure your perfect job. Our team supports you through the transition to your new job and ensures that you find it meaningful. 

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