To accelerate mental health solutions


Affect provides entrepreneurs the protected time and resources needed to build products and services on the scale and impact of Google and Facebook. By providing these resources, we will empower, support and nurture a community to accelerate mental healthcare solutions for every person in the world. 

We harness contemporary innovations in science and technology to address the challenges of stigma, access, and quality of mental healthcare. Our ambition is to build sustainable enterprises unafraid of transforming traditional approaches to mental health. 



We have all been touched by mental illness, either through our own personal journeys or those of our loved ones. We viscerally feel the urgency to revolutionize mental health. We own our mission and each of us are relentless and self-directed to do what is necessary to keep chipping away at mental illness. 


Integrity rests at the core of every decision we make. We are sincere and kind. Our integrity is reflected in truthful and open conversation, specific and actionable feedback, and embracement of people from all walks of life.


Design-Driven Change

We believe delightful and effective products start with human-centered design. Through rigorous iteration and engagement with our users, we build thoughtful solutions that integrate into the complex ecosystem of mental healthcare.

Hunger For Innovation

Mental health is one of the world’s most pressing issues. We are motivated by the opportunity to address the difficult challenges and lack of sustainable solutions. Improving people’s lives drives what we do everyday. In our journey to transform mental health, we would rather be saved by criticism than ruined by praise. 

Clarity At All Levels

Get to ground truth, ASAP, with data guiding our daily actions. Progress is measurable and clearly communicated. Introspection gives us clarity: we know what is expected of us and what we expect of ourselves. We are aware of the impact of our words and actions on others. We prioritize happiness--we don’t have a delineation between work and play.


We are a community of entrepreneurs and teammates who build transformative products and services in mental health. We learn, succeed, and fail as a team. Through rigorous analysis, we learn from each other, from failed attempts, and together, we build a better future.