Help Accelerate Mental Health Solutions.

Mental healthcare is one of the most underfunded and underserved areas of medicine today. One in five adults in America have a mental illness, yet 56% remain unable to receive access to necessary treatment. There is only one mental health professional for every 1000 people, and the ability for people to find a professional remains to be one of the biggest issues. Despite there being so many problems, mental healthcare has had little improvement overall.

Here at Affect, we are committed to developing and accelerating the innovations needed in the mental healthcare sector. We believe technology can have a direct and beneficial impact on those who have mental illness, and are working hard to create products that can change lives. 

The Meet Malik campaign is the start of one of Affect’s several ongoing projects, the 1,000 Journeys Project, and our mission with this campaign is to open up more conversation about mental illness, as well as portray what life is like living with or supporting someone with a mental health condition. We hope to develop and innovate products to improve lives of people like Malik, as well as everyone in society.



Your financial contribution will help build mental health product prototypes.

By supporting our team of designers, software engineers, data scientists, and operations specialists.

By connecting entrepreneurs to resources (like feedback from patients and mental health professionals) they need to build delightful and effective mental health solutions.


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