1,000 Journeys Project Information Sheet


At Affect Mental Health, our mission is to provide everyone in the world with high quality mental healthcare. In order to track trends and to identify problem areas within mental health and healthcare, we have started the 1,000 Journeys Project. We also want to foster a community that openly and honestly discusses mental health.

This project involves collecting the stories of  over 1,000 different people personally impacted by mental illness. These stories will help us develop effective solutions to common problems in mental healthcare. Furthermore, with the interviewee’s permission, we will share some stories on our online blog to increase awareness about our cause and mental health. In some cases, our designers will create images to capture strong emotional features of stories.

As an interviewee participant, you will have a casual and open-ended conversation about your mental health journey with one of our trained interviewers in-person, via video chat, or on the phone. The interview will be audio-recorded and will typically last between 30-60 minutes.

We understand the very personal nature of these interviews. If at any point during the interview you feel uncomfortable answering any of the questions, simply ask the interviewer to move on to the next one. And if you want to end the interview at any point or take a break, we will do so immediately, no questions asked.

After the interview, the recording will be transcribed to help Affect Mental Health develop useful mental health products. You may choose whether you would like to be contacted in the future again to give feedback on mental health products and services.

Your name will only be identified on the consent form below. After you have submitted this form your data will be kept anonymous on any printed/online material as well as in our internal database. Only the operations team within Affect will have access to the information that connects back to your name. This information is stored on a password-protected drive.

The transcription, notes, and audio-recordings - as well as any other data collected throughout the interview - will be stored on a password protected drive and will only be accessed by necessary members within Affect.

Please carefully read through the list of questions in the form. If you have any questions or concerns, you can ask your interviewer or contact us at: 1000journeysMH@gmail.com. Thank you for your contribution to mental health innovation and discussion!