Our Mission

To accelerate the innovations needed to provide every single person in the world with high quality mental healthcare.


About Us

At Affect, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problems in mental healthcare. We don’t wait for the “next big thing”; we are out chasing it, building it, and improving it.

We seek to harness contemporary innovations in science and technology to address the challenges of stigma, access, and quality of mental healthcare. 

Affect provides the best entrepreneurs and product professionals the protected time and resources they need to build products and services on a global scale. By providing these resources, we will empower, support and nurture a community to accelerate mental healthcare solutions. 

Our ambition is to build sustainable enterprises unafraid of transforming traditional approaches to mental health.



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To accelerate the breakthrough solutions in mental health needed to provide everybody in the world with high quality mental health care, not just those who can afford it