Job Description

Be a member of the founding team that grew from the Harvard and MIT communities with expertise including healthcare economics, user experience design, molecular neuroscience, and computational biology. As a software intern, you will help ensure that we remain a truly data-driven force across all pieces of the organization. You will be working hands-on with our founding team with access to top advisors from companies such as Google and Facebook as well as major VC firms. 



  • Work with UX team to design data collection process of user journeys
  • Help build a mental health product that will have a huge impact based on our user journey research
  • Work with design and product teams and communicate analysis findings to inform product development
  • Conduct exploratory analysis into various datasets (e.g. patient data) to identify trends



  • Deeply passionate about mental health
  • High awareness of what needs to be learned and ability to learn FAST to GSD (Get Stuff Done)
  • High level of integrity and rigor in analysis
  • Can bootstrap projects from scratch- comfortable writing scripts to pull, store and query data.
  • Proficiency in Python or R, as well as Excel. SQL a plus.
  • Ability to story tell and visualize data coherently (d3, ggplot2, etc.)
  • Relentless learner: you want to maximize your experience with us and learn as much as you can



  • Insatiable curiosity around why products succeed and what delights users
  • Appreciation of puns
  • Ability to distill complicated concepts to laypeople
  • Thrives in cross-functional team settings with awesome communication skills
  • Have worked with open APIs before for data collection
  • Data munging and mining is a thing you’ve done


Our ambition is to build sustainable enterprises—unafraid of transforming traditional approaches—that tackle stigma, access, and quality of mental healthcare.