Job Description

Affect is a public health startup that applies rigorous data analysis and design-thinking methodologies in order to solve the problem of mental illness and make mental healthcare accessible to all. As our Public Health Analyst, you will help us map out the problem space in mental health and identify top problem areas where product development will yield the largest potential impact at the population level. This year, we will prototype innovate products targeting mental illness.  We will also collectively interview 1,000 people - patients who have their own mental health journey, loved ones and professional mental healthcare providers who care of these patients, and payers of mental healthcare.  



  • Help us recruit people to interview for the 1,000 Journeys Project
  • Conceptualize future projects based on our user journey research using behavioral intervention strategies with theoretical underpinnings including theories of behavior change and development
  • Provide the team with a thorough analysis of the current mental healthcare landscape including researching current health insurance policies and laws
  • Help prototype and build a mental health product that will have a huge impact based on our user journey research
  • Leverage epidemiological and public health research to inform project direction
  • Identify major systemic pain points where interventions will have the biggest impact
  • Serve as part of concierge service to the incubator - providing teams with a better understanding of the mental health and population health landscape



  • Deeply passionate about mental health
  • Relentless learner: you want to maximize your experience with us and learn as much as you can
  • Awesome storyteller: inspiring communicator (written + oral)
  • Personable: highly empathetic, comfortable interfacing with end-users on sensitive topics
  • A great navigator: constantly testing hypothesis and outlining strategy for pivoting when needed


nice to haves

  • Experience designing or implementing a public health solution
  • Fluency in theoretical models of behavior and behavior change
  • Able to use statistics and epidemiological methods to infer causal relationships
  • Sound understanding of design-thinking processes
  • Insatiable curiosity around why products succeed and what delights users
  • Appreciation of puns


Our ambition is to build sustainable enterprises—unafraid of transforming traditional approaches—that tackle stigma, access, and quality of mental healthcare.