Job Description

Mental illness is the #1 cause of disability and lost productivity worldwide. A major reason for this is that is uniquely difficult to build profitable enterprises in mental healthcare.  It’s a hell of a challenge - but with top-talent building the community and space needed to catalyze mental healthcare innovation, we are well-positioned to bring high-impact products to market.

As a designer, you will apply your knowledge in design thinking across all aspects of the organization. You will be working hands-on with our founding team with access to top advisors from companies such as Google and Facebook and major VC firms. We are recruiting summer fellows to help build the foundation of our organization in our efforts to foster a space for mental healthcare innovation. 



  • Work closely with our UX and research teams to define user journeys and story mapping
  • Work across teams to infuse the design thinking process into all that we do
  • Develop content for brand messaging and conduct user testing 



  • Have sound understanding of design thinking processes
  • A great navigator - constantly testing hypothesis and outlining strategy for pivoting when needed
  • Personable - Highly empathetic, comfortable interfacing with end-users on sensitive topics
  • Awesome storyteller - inspiring communicator (written + oral); able to infuse storytelling into product design
  • Knows how and when to execute the perfect pun



We are a team of doers and visionaries, with a relentless conviction to transform mental health for the better.